Sept 10th - Oct 10th 2021
New York City, USA

Federico Villarino is an artist that plays with the instability of the reproduced image, working with imagined landscapes often inspired by other artworks, sacred geometry, even occult symbology. Villarino’s paintings are vividly colored, often depicting large, sweeping botanicals in an indeterminate light. These gestures are “interrupted” by their jagged, painted edge, offering a pixelated take on the unnatural natural. Never populated, the artist suggests that his viewer offer the narrative point to his paintings as the person that engages and interacts with his imagined landscapes.

Working from a modified computer image, the artist bends and manipulates images until they become something several versions away from what they were, but are stilled from the never-ending flux of what they can become. “When I imagine a new painting I paint small oils in a small format, I select one, scan it, edit it on the computer changing proportions, inverting colors or breaking its formal structure. What I bring to the canvas with the projector is an image that went through various states. Finally, painting the picture is to capture a particular moment of that fluctuating path.”